Twelve Angry Men


A play by Reginald Rose

Outcome 1 - Readers and their responses

Act Summaries

Act one

1. The generation of tension in the play
  • Which characters act as the source of tension within the jury room?
  • What other factors contribute to the building tension?
  • What issues or discussion topics cause tension amongst the jurors?

2. The progression of the narrative
  • What characters have been introduced?
  • What specific traits do we learn about the characters?
  • Along what path is the jury debate travelling?

3. Predictions regarding the plot development
  • What do you think will be the next area of discussion regarding the defendant?
  • Who do you believe will be the next juror to change their mind?

4. Possible viewer responses to the action and character development.
  • How would an audience viewing the play at the time it was written respond to the action on stage?
  • How does this differ from audiences viewing the play today?
  • Is there a difference between audience responses here in Australia versus locals in the United States?

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